Primary Healthcare & Wellness

At Axis, care begins with building a trusting, informed relationship between you and your primary provider. Decades of research show that this long-term partnership is key not only to treating and preventing disease, but also improving the quality and length of life. You enjoy the very highest quality coordinated team-based, patient-centered care, whereby collaboration between primary care clinicians, interpreters, and community resources support the whole person.


Axis partners with trusted professionals in Physical Therapy, Labor & Delivery, Mental Health, Family Planning, Dentistry, Home Health Care, and other services within the Axis service area. Our staff will assist you in scheduling the referrals you need, and your Axis provider will coordinate follow-up and continuing care.

Immigration & Travel Services, Hajj & Umrah

Axis offers the most affordable comprehensive immigration and travel services in the Twin Cities. Unlike clinics that send patients elsewhere to complete their lab work and other services, we provide complete Immigration & Travel medical exams, lab work, and certifications in a single visit.

Center for Education & Training

Axis is an education & training site with preceptorships for medical and nursing students from programs across Minnesota to train at Axis under the close mentorship of experienced providers. Some of these students later join Axis as providers and enjoy our educational loan forgiveness, support for research, publication, and advanced studies, and continuing career development opportunities.

Walk-in & Urgent Care

We welcome unscheduled walk-in patients. Our staff will connect you with a provider, and schedule follow-up care.

Community & Outreach

Axis outreach includes free vaccinations and health screenings across the city, diabetes prevention classes, smoking cessation and nutrition coaching, and physical & mental health services at homeless facilities across the Twin Cities. We assist with transportation and language interpreting, and provide educational materials in English, Somali, and Spanish. With the goal of amplifying the Axis Mission, we collaborate with other non-profit and service organizations.

Helping You Find Insurance

Our staff are trained navigators to help you apply for insurance through Mnsure.

Axis Departments of Medicine


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Allergy & Immunology

Mental Health